dbtroff - convert DocBook input to a PDF document


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dbtroff [-dNQ] [-f troff-flags] [-F dpost-flags] [-i include.tr] [-I processor] [-l {de|en}] [-o output.pdf] [-p output.ps] [-P pagedefinition.tr] [-t title.tr] [input.xml]


The dbtroff utility uses XSLT stylesheets and troff(1b) to convert DocBook input to a PDF document. If input.xml is omitted, standard input is read.

dbtroff provides automatic page element positioning to avoid typographical artifacts like ''widows''. Full-width and inline pictures can be included and are also automatically positioned. It is required that the ''fileref'' attribute of any picture refers to a file in EPS format; pictures in other formats must be converted beforehand.

The following options are accepted:
-d Enable debugging. This keeps the temporary files in /var/tmp/dbtroff.process-id instead of deleting them when the program exits.
-f troff-flags
  These flags are passed to troff on the command line. This can be used to set troff registers, strings, etc.
-F dpost-flags
  These flags are passed to dpost on the command line. This can be used to generate additional cut marks etc.
-i include.tr
  Pass the file include.tr to troff in front of the generated source documents. If this option is given multiple times, multiple files are included.
-I processor
  Apply the command processor to troff intermediate output before it is converted to PostScript.
-l {de|en}
  Set the document language. This influences the names of e.g. the table of contents as well as the hyphenation patterns used.
-N Do not encrypt the output with a owner password and permissions that prevent readers from changing the document. Enable this only if all document fonts are licensed for ''editable embedding''.
-o output.pdf
  Write the PDF document to output.pdf instead of the standard output.
-p output.ps
  Write the PostScript document that is used for generating the PDF document to output.ps. Unless the -o option is also present, no PDF output is generated.
-P pagedefinition.tr
  Use the troff input file pagedefinition.tr to set margins, fonts, etc. instead of the standard definitions.
-Q Preserve the full quality of included images. Normally, images are downsampled in order to make the output size smaller.
-t title.tr
  Use the troff input file title.tr as a title page, i.e. prepend it to the document. If this option is missing, no title page is generated.


  XSLT templates and troff macros
  Temporary files


troff(1b), xsltproc(1)


dbtroff currently implements only a very restricted subset of DocBook 4.3.

It is assumed that all direct input to troff is encoded in UTF-8. DocBook input can be encoded freely as long as xsltproc is able to handle it.

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